Useful Information


To be qualified for a teaching job in Korea as an ESL instructor, the employees require an E2-1 work VISA. 

The employees' native language MUST be English.

The employee must be born in either UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

The employee must have an authorised University degree (any degree is acceptable) from any of the countries listed above. Proof of evidence may be required on request.

The employee must have a copy of their University degree and a CBR (Criminal Background Report), notarized at the Apostille Office from the employee's home country.

The employee must also have a desire to teach English in Korea.

General Working Conditions

  • Job title
    English Instructor
  • Employer
    A Director of an English Language Institute or a Principal of a Public School.
  • The duration of the contract
    It will be for at least 12 months from the first day of employment at the school. Teachers who agree to work a second year can negotiate any further contracts reflecting on their experience and benefit to the school.
  • Classes
    The number of regular teaching hours will be 120 hours per month or 30 hours per week. Classes will be held from Monday to Friday. Classes and teaching hours will be scheduled in accordance with the needs of the institute.
  • Salary
    2.0M Won ~ 3.0M Won per month
  • Over Time Pay
    20,000 Won ~ 30,000 Won per hour
  • Paid Vacation and Public Holidays
    After 12 months of teaching, provision for 5-10days of paid vacation is allowed. Half of the paid leave is allowed in Winter and the other half is allowed in Summer. You will also get paid on Korean Public Holidays.
  • Medical Insurance
    Any medical problems of employees will be covered by the Korean medical insurance, provided by the Government Health Organisation. The payment of this medical issue will be paid half and half by the employer and the employee.
  • Severance payment
    After the completion of 12 months of employment, there will be a severance bonus. This is calculated based on your average monthly salary over the 12 months of working periods.
  • Income tax
    3.3 ~ 5% of Korean income tax will be deducted from your salary during your residence in Korea.
  • Airfare
    When the employer agrees to provide the employee a one-way trip to Korea, it is important that the contract terms are fully completed. If the Employee fails to complete the contract terms, the employee must agree to reimburse the exact cost of the paid air fare to the employer. If the employee is already in Korea, then you will be provided with a single ticket to your home country after the completion of the contract.
  • Accommodation
    The employer is assigned to provide suitable accommodation for the employee. The payment of the rent is all paid by the employer, but any other utilities will be the employee's responsibility.


Complete and submit our online application form in the link below. Your profile will then be visible on this website for the recruitment process.

Click here to submit your Resume/CV.

Once matched with an interested Employer, we will then provide you with all the appropriate information regarding the Institute. Following this, we will send you a contract that you will have to sign and email back to us.

Please compile any required and necessary documents such as your Degree with apostille and your CBR (Criminal Background Report) with apostille or any other information you think we will need to know and send them to us by secure carriers (Fedex/ DHL/ UPS).

Visa procurement and travel arrangements
The next step for us would be processing your work VISA and booking your travel arrangements to Korea, or straight to your confirmed Institute. Once we receive all the required documents, we will submit all the files to the Korean Immigration Office to get your E2-1 VISA. Once this is approved, you will be issued a 'VISA Registration Number' which allows you to work as an English teacher in Korea.
You will hear from us within a week after this has all been processed and issued.

Once you get your visa
You will need to get some extra forms and a fee to apply for your VISA. To do this, contact your nearest Korean Embassy or a Consulate. Take your passport and your VISA Registration Number to the Korean Consulate where they will attach your VISA into your passport. This will be issued out within a week.

Your flight to Korea
Your airline ticket will be sent to you as an E-ticket via email. Transport arrangements will be made by the Director/Assistant of your school to pick you up at the airport. Alternatively, you can take the airport limousine at the city bus terminal to your destination.

Required documents

  • Photocopy of your passport
  • 4 Passport size photos
  • Your degree with Apostille (How to Apostille Documents)
  • Your current resume (C/V)
  • Your Criminal Background Report with Apostille (How to Apostille Documents)
  • Self-medical check list
  • Your signed contract